A flavor specialist to partner with your research and developement department

We use our technical knowledge and our creative approach to satisfy your demands and differenciate your product from your competitors’. Arômes & Saveurs can help you in all your flavoring projects, and also to improve nutriscore, or to develop masking solutions. Our flavorists can also provide you innovative and trendy flavoring ideas for your kind of products. With us you will always be one step ahead.


You want to own your flavor formula? You would like to participate and create it with flavorists? You would like to know all the ingredients that compose it? so let’s create your unique taste together! Thus, we develop  a customized formula with you and you will be the only one to use it. Furthermore we can make a range of flavors and create a brand flavouring signature for you.

 Freedom !

Whether you want to produce your flavor yourself or have it produced, you will be free and independent!

Our experts co-create unique and trendy flavors with you. They also provide you with all technical documents, operating process and help you with the sourcing of raw materials.


Peace of mind…

We also provide after sales service! A change in regulations? A change in your product? We can take care of updating your formula.

Furthermore we will provide you with updates of your flavor to keep it trendy. Like that you will always be one step ahead of your competitors!


Train your team in every facet of  the aromatic field

What support for your flavor? when to add your flavor during your manufacturing process? Do you want to train your teams to make the best use of flavorings, to understand the regulations? We create and adapt a tailor-made training for you according to your needs.