Natural and organic flavors

In a market where tastes and flavors have become standardized, Arômes & Saveurs enables its clients to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Expert of natural flavouring solutions

At Arômes & Saveurs, we specialize in manufacturing and developing natural and organic extracts and flavors. We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and develop bespoke solutions for their products and markets.

Our range of high-quality natural flavors is extensive and can be used across a wide variety of applications, from beverages to food and cosmetics.

Our team is passionate about flavor and committed to providing comprehensive support and guidance throughout your development process. We are excited to collaborate with you to create flavors that cater to your unique needs

Hydrophilic and lipophilic liquids flavors

Powder form natural flavors

A Wide Range of Natural Organic Flavors


Certified organic flavors represent the highest quality of flavor available to date. Their complex formulation requires a demanding selection of raw materials to meet the very specific requirements of organic regulations.

We have created a range of organic flavorings for you to develop original and trendy organic products.

Our liquid or powder flavors are suitable for all types of products! They are certified by Ecocert and available quickly without any minimum order.


A Natural Flavor Specifically Created for You:

Whether natural, organic, colored, in powder or liquid form, Arômes & Saveurs creates the unique flavor you’ve been dreaming of. We draw from thousands of carefully selected raw materials to craft a flavor that reflects your brand.

Our team is available to visit you and work directly on your recipes. This allows us to tailor the support, strength, or aromatic note to best suit your product and technical requirements.

We also adapt our flavors to meet various regulations or your cost constraints. At Arômes & Saveurs, we’re dedicated to creating a natural flavor that is customized to your needs.

Masking or Boosting agents: Natural Solutions to Enhance Your Products!

With our natural solutions, we can help you optimize the nutritional and sensory profile of your products. For example, we can enhance the sweet or fatty perception of your products to improve your Nutri-score.

On the other hand, we can also mask undesirable off-notes that may affect the quality of your products or the acceptability of your consumers. Likewise, we are able to restore the aromatic profile to enable you to offer high-quality products that meet the expectations of your customers.

At Arômes & Saveurs, we create customized solutions to help our clients improve the quality of their products using only natural ingredients.

Contact us to discover how our solutions can help increase the quality of your products and the satisfaction of your customers.

High quality natural flavors !

We carefully select natural raw materials for our flavors

We make sure to choose all the components of our flavors with the utmost care. All our raw materials are selected and undergo tastings and sensory analyses to offer you the best possible quality.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuously improving our production methods to ensure a high level of quality and food safety. Our professionalism and the expertise of our operators guarantee the quality of our products, manufactured with respect for deadlines and customer requirements.

  Brewery Flavor? Confectionery Flavor? Dairy Flavor? We adapt to any application !

Whether it’s a food, cosmetic, or even an other project, we give taste to any application! Thus, we adapt to meet your regulatory or technical constraints.

Non-alcoholic beverages

Lemonade, syrup or new flavored water, let’s create an original taste together

Flavored Beer

From the very classic cherry beer to the most exotic durian beer, we create a unique signature for your beer

Arômes pour liqueur


We create with you your flavored whiskies, your vodka-based cocktails or any of your crazy ideas

Pastry and bakery

Arômes & Saveurs creates for you a powerful and stable flavor for your pastries and bakeries

Arômes pour liqueur

Frozen desserts

Sorbet or ice cream, we do flavors for all your frozen desserts


Let’s go back together to childhood creating new flavors for young and old

Hot beverages

Arômes & Saveurs will be your partner for tea, infusion and coffee flavourings


Mint or truffle chocolate? Let’s work out  together the best flavor to  enhance your product will be

Arômes pour liqueur

And all other applications...

We cannot list every application, so tell us what yours is !

Discover our expertise with samples, it speaks louder than words

We believe that what we do is more important than we say. That’s why we invite you to experience the quality and benefits of our natural flavors firsthand.

We offer you the opportunity to try our flavors directly in your product, so you can discover the taste and ensure they meet your expectations and needs.

Contact us today to request samples and let’s discuss your flavor project!