Customized flavors for everyone

Arômes & Saveurs hasn’t got a list of its flavors ! We create flavors specially to highlight your products.

Indeed, in a market dominated by the standardization of tastes and flavors, Arômes & Saveurs enables its customers to stand out from their competitors.

Whether natural, organic, colored, powder or liquid, Arômes & Saveurs creates for you any unique flavor you dreamed of. Indeed, we will choose from thousands of carefully selected raw materials to create a flavor that reflects your company image.

Are you thinking of an exotic fruit specific to a geographical area or a very particular plant species? Send us samples and we will analyze them to match their flavor profile.

Our team is at your disposal to visit you in order to work on your recipes directly.

  Brewery Flavor? Confectionery Flavor? Dairy Flavor? We adapt to any application !

Whether it’s a food, cosmetic, or even an electronic cigarette project, we give taste to any application! Thus, we adapt to meet your regulatory or technical constraints.

Non-alcoholic beverages

Lemonade, syrup or new flavored water, let’s create an original taste together

Flavored Beer

From the very classic cherry beer to the most exotic durian beer, we create a unique signature for your beer

Arômes pour liqueur


We create with you your flavored whiskies, your vodka-based cocktails or any of your crazy ideas

Pastry and bakery

Arômes & Saveurs creates for you a powerful and stable flavor for your pastries and bakeries

Arômes pour liqueur

Frozen desserts

Sorbet or ice cream, we do flavors for all your frozen desserts


Let’s go back together to childhood creating new flavors for young and old

Hot beverages

Arômes & Saveurs will be your partner for tea, infusion and coffee flavourings


Mint or truffle chocolate? Let’s work out  together the best flavor to  enhance your product will be

Arômes pour liqueur

And all other applications...

We cannot list every application, so tell us what yours is !

Naturalness and organic flavouring as DNA

Close to your needs, we are at your disposal to develop authentic natural flavors that will enhance your product. In addition, we also develop bio-compatible natural flavors and certified organic flavors.

Natural flavor creators :

Close to nature, Arômes & Saveurs creates natural and authentic tastes just for you.

Certified organic flavourings :

Natural flavors are now available in an organic version. We create personalized and certified organic flavors only for you.

Masking solutions, flavor enhancers, uniques solutions for your products

Our solutions : 

Optimize the nutritional profile of your products

Enhance sweet perception

Enhance fat perception

Masking off notes

Restore the aromatic profile