We create the natural flavor that makes your product unique

Arômes & Saveurs creates and manufactures high quality natural or organic flavors for any  kind of industry

Natural flavor design

Arômes & Saveurs develops unique tastes and offers you personalized aromatic solutions for all your applications!

Our flavorists are inspired by nature and food trends to develop tailor-made solutions for any of you and your market’s expectations.

An experienced team at your disposal

Our flavorists have already worked on hundreds of different flavorings and applications. They are experts in analyzing products and their sensoriality.

Whether it’s a classic or an exotic flavor, warm notes or totally crazy ideas, a new combination or even an unknown product, we rise to the challenge!

Only the quantity you need is made. We manufacture  without applying minimum quantities.

Indeed, we produce the quantity of flavor you need, from half a liter to several tons. Your orders are produced and shipped very quickly. Our flexibility allows us to adapt to all your requests.

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Use our expertise to become the owner of your own flavor formula !

Arômes & Saveurs offers you the opportunity to collaborate with you to create a unique taste and leaves you the freedom to produce it wherever you want!

Train yourself or your teams to understand  the world of  flavorings

Taste and flavor are the mains factors in the consumer choice of a food or drink. We offer customized training to respond to your needs and offer products that best match your customers’ expectations. Thus, you will discover the best flavouring practices in both laboratory and production. We could teach you about flavor composition and its regulations. In particular the European regulations and the different indications for your labeling..